1. What is Simchat Tzion?

2. What is Simchat Tzion’s mission statement?

3. Which public figures endorse Simchat Tzion?

4. When was Simchat Tzion founded?

5. How many weddings has Simchat Tzion sponsored?

6. How much does it cost to sponsor a wedding?

7. Who runs the organization?

8. What percentage of the donated money is used towards administrative costs?

9. How do the orphans for whom you sponsor the weddings find you?

10. What kind of people donate money to Simchat Tzion?

11. How can I donate money?

12. How can I sponsor part of the expense of a wedding?

13. How can I contribute on a monthly basis?

14. Can I choose the wedding that I want to sponsor?

15. Where do the weddings take place?

16. Who chooses the hall and menu for the weddings?

17. Do you have videos of weddings that I can see?

18. How can I volunteer or get involved with Simchat Tzion?


How can I find out if I qualify for, to be the recipient of a Simchat Tzion-
sponsored wedding?

20. Is Simchat Tzion involved with other projects?

21. How can I donate to one of Simchat Tzion's other worthy causes?

22. How can I get in touch with Simchat Tzion?

23. How can I set up a meeting with a Simchat Tzion representative?

Contact Us at 732 580 0858.
Helping Jewish Orphans become families

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