In the past donors have sponsored all or portions of Simchat Tzion weddings for many reasons including:
  • as a merit for a speedy recovery of a loved one from illness or disease;
  • in honor of one's wedding anniversary;
  • in honor of the wedding of your own child or loved one;
  • as a merit to find one's own marital partner;
  • in honor of one's birthday;
  • in order to take advantage of the opportunity to assist the orphans and downtrodden of the Land of Israel;
  • or
  • in memory of a loved one, and as a merit on their yahrzit.
The cost of sponsoring an entire wedding is $3,700 dollars. Donors may sponsor an entire wedding, a portion of a wedding, or a household package for the bride and groom. Donors that give substantial amounts to Simchat Tzion may provide it with the Jewish names of individuals that need a recovery from illness or some other form of Heavenly assistance. The bride and groom that are the beneficiaries of that donation are asked to pray for those names under their chupa.

We're an unusual charity in that your funds are directed to a specific wedding or date and except for smaller amounts, do NOT go into a general pool. We therefore prefer that if the amount is less than $200 no specific wedding is chosen.

See our calendar below for upcoming weddings available for sponsorship. Contact us today by phone at 718 677-8630 or email us if you are interested in sponsoring all or a portion of an orphan's wedding or learning more about Simchat Tzion. Tax deductible checks payable to Simchat Tzion may be mailed to:

Mailing address:
Simchat Tzion
428 Clifton Ave #44
Lakewood NJ 08701

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Zipora's wedding #4783

Yoel's wedding #4781
Binyomin's wedding #4757

Shmuel's wedding #4780
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Mordechai Shlomo's wedding #4796

Reut's wedding #4754

Michal's wedding #4764

Miriam's wedding #4792
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Naftali's and Ester's wedding #4755

Gavriel's wedding #4786
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Yitzchok's wedding #4797
Meir Tzvi's wedding #4798
Esti's wedding #4802
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Shmuel's wedding #4805
Dovid's wedding #4811

Tzippora's wedding #4809
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